Weight Gain From Dieting and Working Out?

Weight Gain From Dieting, Exercise, and Working Out? Why Could It Happen?

So The goal of losing weight has been set for you. All your hard work at the gym and healthy eating seem to lead to weight gain. Why is this happening? These situations are not uncommon, and they can lead to giving up important habits that improve overall health. After starting a weight loss program, you might notice the scale going up for a few reasons.


You’re Eating More

After working out so hard, you're tempted to try a smoothie at the smoothie bar. You could hinder your weight loss efforts if you reward yourself with dessert or a high-calorie meal. When we overestimate how many calories we burn while exercising, we are likely to gain weight if we eat all or more of those calories afterward. An app that tracks your food intake has been shown to be effective for losing weight by keeping track of what you consume.


A decrease in food intake can also cause changes in your hormones, which makes it difficult to stick to a diet. While fewer calories may make you feel full, there are ways to do so. Changing your diet to reduce calorie intake and feel less hungry can be accomplished by increasing protein intake, drinking more water, and eating more non-starchy vegetables. Medications approved by the FDA can also help people with excess weight lose weight by addressing these changes in appetite. A healthcare professional can determine if they are appropriate for you, as they are not appropriate for everyone.


Water Retention After Exercise

You rebuild your muscle fibres when you exercise, especially if you include strength training. As part of the healing process, your muscles retain water and swell due to the breakdown or damage of muscle fibres. After exercising, you may notice weight gain because water weighs something. Despite this, don't be concerned about it, because what's important when it comes to your health is not gaining fat. Stick with exercise long-term to lose weight, maintain weight loss, and gain a variety of health benefits.


Muscle Weight Gain

"Muscle weighs more than fat" is a phrase you may have heard. Muscle occupies a different amount of space in our bodies than fat because it is more dense than fat. It is possible to see a difference in our appearance or how our pants fit when we do exercises designed to increase lean muscle mass (like free weights, weight machines, or bodyweight exercises like squats) without actually seeing changes in the scale. You may gain lean muscle mass with enough strength training and appropriate eating habits, which will increase your weight. When you notice weight gain early in an exercise program, however, it is unlikely that this is the reason.


Your Workout and Diet Plan are Not Appropriate for your Goals

Losing weight can be achieved by changing your diet and exercising more. However, it doesn't apply to everyone. A professional may be able to help you lose weight if diet and exercise alone don't work. By creating a diet tailored to your lifestyle and goals, an obesity medicine specialist can determine if you are gaining weight due to medical reasons. Registered dietitians are a great resource for helping you create a diet tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Further, they can discuss more intensive treatment options, such as approved medications, if needed.


Regardless of how you change your lifestyle, make sure it feels sustainable. Despite slower results, a diet or a very rigorous exercise program for a few weeks and then stopping is more likely to produce long-term success.

How Can Weight Loss Coach Help You Lose Weight?

The Weight Loss Coach considers all the factors contributing to weight gain, not just a few. Each program is tailored to the individual's needs. We will create a tailored weight loss program based on a person's medical history. Weight Loss Coach patients are encouraged to achieve their health and weight goals. While maintaining motivation can be challenging, with support from your doctor and dietitian, you will be able to persevere and make progress. Test your eligibility today.













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