How long does Ozempic Stay in your system?

How long does Ozempic Stay in your system?


Ozempic stays in your body for over a month when you take the highest dose of 2 mg. The medication's half-life, which is the time it takes for 50% of the drug to go away, is 1 week. So, if you take 2 mg the following Monday, you will have 1 mg (half the dose) left in your body. After another week, there will be 0.5 mg, and so on.


Ozempic is a long-acting medicine, which means you only have to take it once a week to have enough of the drug in your body. This is different from medicines you have to take every day.


If you forget to take your Ozempic and it has been less than 5 days since your last dose was due, you can continue with the same dose. But if more time than that has passed, it's best to contact your doctor to find out what you should do.


Ozempic is a name that belongs to a company called Novo Nordisk A/S. It is a registered trademark, which means it is legally protected, and only Novo Nordisk A/S can use that name for their product. If you need more information or need to speak with a healthcare professional regarding Ozempic, feel free to reach out through our Website.


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