Diabetes reversal

Diabetes reversal, is it possible?

Weight loss can optimize blood glucose management in people with type 2 diabetes, a chronic condition. Poor blood glucose control can lead to complications, including kidney failure, blindness, heart failure, other problems, seizures, strokes, cuts, etc. The blood glucose control marker HbA1C (glycosylated haemoglobin) is employed. Type 2 diabetes is defined as an HbA1C of 48 or higher, whereas prediabetes is an HbA1C of 42 to 48. The HbA1C level drops when you lose weight.

Is there evidence that diabetes can be reversed?

In the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (Direct) published in the medical journal The Lancet, we find that weight loss results in permanent remission of type 2 diabetes. 

Diabetes reversed in about half of the patients in this study. Participants were given a diet change formula for 3-5 months and then gradually introduced to a regular diet during this study. We have been given continuous support throughout the program. Since then, further research has shown that there has been a decrease in the amount of fat in the pancreas and inside the liver, which contributes to increasing the sensitivity of the pancreas and better functioning. It might be one of them. The best time to visit this program is within the first five years of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

What if a low-carb diet is discontinued?

It is difficult for our government to adopt low carbohydrates. The second reason is that not everyone can implement this program. As shown above, Direct revealed that half of the people did not benefit at all, and then the people who  If they go back to their diet as usual, may gain weight again and type 2 diabetes is more likely to return. Later weight loss efforts are also hampered by changes in the basal metabolic rate.

How can you help me get rid of type 2 diabetes?

After a preliminary diagnosis by a diabetes specialist, we will provide you with a weight management plan assisted by a dietitian. We have so many people who can't afford a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet. So we let them study your appetite and offer a unique solution.

Once diabetes is gone, it is essential to maintain weight loss so that blood glucose control does not deteriorate. When food supplements are discontinued and they begin to return to a regular diet, it is common to see that sometimes people can regain more weight than they have lost.

Our team of experts will help you understand your own body and provide tools to keep your weight in place for a long time and prevent the recurrence of type 2 diabetes.


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