Burn Calories While Working

The Best Way To Burn Calories While Work

When it comes to your workday, how much time do you spend sitting at a desk? You can suffer health problems if you spend long hours at a desk job. Sedentary daily routines are more likely to cause health problems than active ones since they result in multiple health issues.


But, of course, most of us are powerless to change it if our jobs require us to sit at our desks for long periods. Even though our work is causing our health to deteriorate, the good news is that we do not have to watch it happen. We can improve our health by taking frequent breaks, stepping away from quick walks, stretching often, and adopting other health measures.


To help you live a more active lifestyle rather than a passive one behind your desk, here are 11 guidelines or tips for physical activity.


The Problem with Desk Jobs

Multiple problems can arise from a desk job. These include:


  • An inappropriate or disturbing posture
  • A higher level of stress
  • Depression and other mental health problems
  • Diseases related to the cardiovascular system and other medical conditions


Additionally, extended seating time at a desk job could put you at risk for less obvious health risks.

Health Risks of Being Inactive

A desk job comes with several health risks. Below are a few examples:


  • The blue light emitted by computer screens and other electronic devices can damage your vision.
  • A great deal of time is spent at the desk by employees. As a result of its nature, the job is one of the most conducive to bacteria growth. Despite sneezing as little as five or ten times a day, your keyboard will continue to collect germs, and you won't even know it's happening. You may be exposed to germs and bacteria constantly.
  • Desk jobs also present the challenge of mental fatigue. Irritability, fatigue, and mental fog can occur after s

pending too much time in front of a computer screen.

  • When you sit for a long time and are satisfying hunger pangs with snacks

Sitting at a desk: Tips for staying active

It is more likely that people who sit behind a desk most of the day will become obese and diabetic. Heart conditions are more likely to develop as cholesterol and fat build up.


Working at a desk job significantly increases the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Despite their stagnant physical routines, desk workers must incorporate ways to stay active. For a short break from the monotony of the office, they can sit on an exercise ball while working or walk for a few minutes.


To stay active, follow these 11 tips:


Swap Your Chair for an Exercise Bike

You can boost your health by exercising on an exercise bike while working a desk job. While meeting your deadlines, you can burn calories, boost core strength, improve your posture, and maintain your preferred weight by swapping your chair for one.

Take Regular Breaks and Move Around

Regularly taking short breaks throughout the day is a great tip. Take a few minutes to stand up, stretch, and walk, even if it's only a few steps. According to a physical therapist, keeping your fitness at its best can be achieved by stretching and moving every hour.

Get a Standing Desk

Getting a standing desk would be a great idea if you can't reduce your work hours. The benefits of a standing desk include increasing endurance, improving circulation, and improving posture.


If you are new to standing at work, start slowly by spending only a few hours at your desk. The longer you do it, the more calories you burn.


Get an Exercise Ball

An exercise ball may be suitable for you. It'll strengthen your abdominal muscles while improving your posture, much like an exercise bike. You may speak with a physical therapist for suggestions on the ideal size and kind of exercise ball for you.


Take a Walk on Your Lunch Break

Do you have a thirty-minute break for lunch? Then save the remainder for a ten-minute stroll after finishing your meal in twenty minutes. To compensate for the lack of activity that burns calories, save some of your lunch break for light exercise. Walking around the parking lot or outside your office would refresh your mind and body and help you stay positive for the rest of the day, even if it was just for ten minutes.

Try Yoga Chair

A yoga chair can enable you to devote enough time to work while still exercising, which can be challenging when you have a desk job. You can stretch, twist, and bend more easily as you work with a yoga chair instead of your regular desk chair.


Moreover, a yoga chair promotes muscle strength and reduces stress and pain.


Stretch Often

Even if nothing else is possible, take a few minutes to stretch while sitting at your desk every hour or so. You can remain active behind a desk by lifting your legs, stretching your neck, and raising your shoulders.

Wear Ankle Weights

You can use ankle weights to tone your legs even if you sit long. Practising leg raises with ankle weights could be done under your work clothes.

Take the Stairs

Choose the stairs over the elevator whenever possible, whether you're leaving the house, returning home, or moving up and down floors at work. When you ride an elevator, your heart rate does not increase. Thus, simply taking the stairs every time can provide a good quick workout.

Wear a Fitness Watch

Wearing a fitness watch could help you stay on track with your health goals. Your heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken are all tracked with this handy tool.


When your fitness watch reminds you which area you need to improve to boost your health, it is easy to make up for where you are slacking.


Walk as You Talk

You will always have to answer calls, mostly from other colleagues or clients, if you work a desk job. You can answer a call by getting up from your desk, picking up your phone, and pacing around the room or recreational area while you do so.


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