Benefits of Losing 10% of Your Body Weight

Benefits of Losing 10% of Your Body Weight

What exactly is a "healthy weight?" That question has a challenging answer. Physiological factors determine how much each of us weighs. A healthy weight goal is to lower your risk for health problems, maintain a lifestyle that you enjoy, and reduce your risk for health problems.

Here's what it looks like to lose 10% of your body weight:

During the first six months of the Weight Loss Coach's program, we aim to help you lose 10% of your body weight. You likely have some questions. To begin with, why 10%? Wouldn't it be better to have 20 or 30? In reality, ten is one of the most important numbers because:

Weight loss of 10 per cent can have the following advantages:

It is clinically significant to lose at least 10% of your body weight. In addition to lowering high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can lower several risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In addition to reducing depression, arthritis, and sleep apnea symptoms, such weight loss also improves overall health. We may reap these benefits partly because our bodies lose weight differently than other organisms. For example, abdominal fat and fat around organs (called visceral fat) are especially harmful to our health. We also tend to lose it first, fortunately. You begin to lose 10% of your body weight when you lose 30% of your abdominal fat or nearly a third.


A weight loss of 10 per cent is realistic:

Biological, genetic, and environmental factors make it reasonable for most people to lose at least 10% of their body weight. What is the significance of that? In addition to undermining past achievements, setting unattainable goals can lead to frustration, anxiety, and (eventually) giving up. This cycle has even been named scientifically: false hope syndrome. When combined with lifestyle changes, medications called GLP-1s typically result in weight loss of 10% over a year. To ensure maximum results, we will collaborate with you to ensure you lose as much weight as possible.


A 10-per cent weight loss is sustainable.

By maintaining a lifestyle you enjoy, you can lose at least 10% of your body weight without depriving yourself. You can achieve a 10% weight loss by combining GLP-1s with simple new behaviours. In addition to changing your biology, this combination is also sustainable over time.


What Happens When You Lose 10% of Your Bodyweight

Is it because the program takes a whole year to complete if you lose 10% of your body weight within six months? Once you lose weight slowly, it is especially important to continue supporting the healthy metabolic changes beneath the surface.


Setting your weight this way will help it to "stick." Until your body becomes used to your new lower weight, it can take up to a year to stop resisting it. Maintaining weight loss can be challenging for many people.


With the second half of Weight Loss Coach, you will reinforce the healthy metabolic changes you make during the first half to stay at your new weight. Combined with medication, these tweaks can change your biology, helping you achieve long-term health.








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